Investigation Services

investigation services

Security audits and reviews

Unity conduct security reviews and inspections of physical assets, work practises and crisis management plans. Unity has extensive experience working with hotel groups, upscale residential and commercial retail properties.
We use the industry’s best tools to provide qualitative and quantitative analysis of your risk.
Our advanced scenario based modelling tools can help you put real values to some of your key threats.

Anti-counterfeit and brand protection

According to the international chamber of commerce, counterfeit products account for approximately 8 percent of world trade – an incredible $200 Billion dollars a year.
Sophisticated counterfeiting syndicates often include individuals who are connected to the brand owner.

Unity can provide expertise within the Asia pacific region to help minimise the impact of counterfeit goods through a strategic approach and a detailed knowledge of local enforcement policies.
It is suggested that companies work on a two tier approach:

1. Security program to protect the owners intellectual property including:

  • Security review
  • Employee integrity and screening programme
  • Licensee compliance audit

2. A strategic program focussing on market intelligence and enforcement including:

  • Strategic analysis of existing data to identify the supply chain from manufacturer to buyer on a global basis
  • Enforcement action

World class eavesdropping detection

Unity’s consultants will sweep your business, home and assets for any illegal surveillance equipment monitoring you. We will then report our findings, and give recommendations and advice in a professional report.

Unity’s Counter surveillance technicians have the latest training and state of the art equipment from one of the leading TSCM equipment manufacturers in the world.

We will find and eliminate all bugs/eavesdropping equipment in your:

  • Business premises – boardrooms, offices, bathrooms, work stations
  • Homes – phone lines, wifi hacks, cameras, microphones
  • Telephones. Lines and systems- analog, digital VOIP
  • Vehicles – audio, visual GPS tracking

Keep your business YOUR business, and KNOW you are operating unobserved.

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