Business Continuity


Crisis Prevention

Unity places considerable emphasis on prevention and resilience.
We help clients understand their vulnerability and equip them with the knowledge, skills and confidence to respond proactively to adverse events.

The way an organisation plans and prepares for a crisis is indicative of how it will respond.
While anticipation and pre-emptive action are best case scenarios, Unity understands the importance of preparing for the unthinkable.

Our crisis prevention services include:

  • Travel risk management, intelligence and a global risk map via a dedicated portal with detailed profiling of 180 countries and 400 cities
  • Travel security training
  • Briefings, bespoke training and exercises for executives and senior managers who may be part of a corporation’s crisis management or incident management team
  • The review of existing Crisis Management Plans
  • The formulation of Crisis Management Plans where none exist
  • Other bespoke training to meet the requirements of our clients
  • Training can be provided on an ad-hoc or retained basis.


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