Crisis Response Services


The threat of kidnap, extortion, and illegal detention is a very real risk with criminal and ideologically motivated groups all using kidnap and extortion to fund their illicit activities or to make political statements.

Unity’s crisis management and crisis response services ensure that our clients are prepared with the best advice, procedures and support. We help clients understand their vulnerability and equip them with the knowledge, skills and confidence to respond proactively to adverse events. In the event of an incident, our aim is simple: to secure the victims’ safe and timely release with limited disruption, minimum duress and complete discretion.

Unity proudly supports HCC Specialty providing dedicated crisis response services worldwide. For more information on HCC Specialty’s extensive insurance policies for kidnap for ransom, extortion and detention events and their expansive range of specialty insurance products please click here.
For more detailed information on our crisis response services and how they can help you operate more efficiently, please contact

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