Security Drivers

Security Driver

No one has more experience keeping you safe on the road than Unity

The first step in delivering confidence requires understanding the emotional as well as the physical security needs of your clients.
We spend extensive time with our clients to understand the environment and surroundings in which they live and work and the level of protection they require.
Unity knows and understands that delivering confidence starts with the customers.
At Unity, we tailor our activities to our customer’s needs & requirements.

Confidence comes from the belief that everything possible has been done to ensure a particular outcome.
In our business that means constantly pushing the envelope to employ, develop and train the greatest team on the ground that produces the safest, most reliable and best performance possible.

The team at Unity is able to rapidly and efficiently evaluate any situation that may arise and are always at the cutting edge of solutions that provide better mobile protection.
Not only have we globally earned the trust and confidence of those we look after but also several of the world’s leading names have also placed their confidence in Unity.

Unity places a significant emphasis on our client’s needs and apply sophisticated management planning and monitoring tools, to assure a consistently high quality of service delivery.
We pay great attention to effective project management and building enduring client relationships; our ethos as a business partner being “the clients problem is our problem”.

Unity has a core staff of full time specialists with diverse skills who can carefully design in-house training programme to cater and tailor to our partner’s needs.

At Unity, we don’t guess: we know. We can’t afford to guess because your safety is our only objective.
Confidence comes from not having to worry, from knowing with certainty that You & your Loved Ones will be safe from harm.
Unity’s lengthy history in the business, our extensive knowledge of the area we work in, leading expertise and firsthand knowledge, all combine to make us absolutely certain that we provide the very best in mobile security. We think you deserve the same level of certainty when booking with Unity.

Confidence also comes from knowing that you are safe from all threats today, as well as the ones that may emerge tomorrow.

Safe Today & Tomorrow

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